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As you may have noticed we've been down for a long period... Glstitch Productions will resume normal operations with loads of new and magical suprises. Glstitch Productions - Disneyland Paris blog will change his name into : Glstitch Productions - The Magic of Disneyland Paris ! The blog adress wil change soon.
The changed name will be introduced everywhere so...
Our new Twitter : @GPMagicOfDLP (https://twitter.com/#!/GPMagicOfDLP)
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Our Twitter and Facebook Pages will also be online mid July.


Hello and happy Easter !
Soon Disneyland Paris will be 20 years , on the 12th April. Alot of celebrations , special meet'n'greets , a masterclass from Tony Baxter and more ! If you can't be there to celebrate DLP's birthday , we've got some good news starting tommorow we will be at DLP and you can follow us on our Twitter (@Glstitch) ! We will tweet most of the celebrations from the 12th ! Stay tuned for magic everywhere !


Disney Dreams ! - first video

Yesterday it was the première of Disney Dreams ! The first reactions were very postive , they say that the disney Dreams team did an execlent job. Steve Davison and his team created a show including fountains , pyrotechnics , water screens , projections and fire effects ! Combined with music recorded at the Abbey Road Studios , you we're almost sure this was going to be a Disney masterpiece.
On this link you can watch the full HD show ! We will post our Dreams article including HD videos , pictures and multicam videos , the 21st of April. A little reminder : Glstitch Productions will be at DLP the 12th of April to celebrate Disneyland Paris birthday and there will be soms special events that day so be sure to follow our live tweets (from 10 till 13 April) and we will bring back a huge blog article about the 12th of April.


Soft-openings - 20th Anniversary

It's been a too long while since we posted something on the blog but you could read short news and rumours on both our Twitter and Facebook pages. All preparations are in their last stages as the first day of the 20th Anniversary of our beloved Disneyland Paris is coming closer. Disney Dreams! is almost completed , Meet Mickey ('s) are very close to their finish , the 20th Anniversary Celebration Train is painted and ready to bring your favourtie characters closer, the Magic On Parade has been tested overnight and is ready for soft-openings.

Pictur (c) Steve Davison

Those soft-openings is the subject of the day as InsideDLParis has posted the dates. Those dates aren't confirmed so nothing is official but InsideDLParis is a very good source so here we go.

The soft-openings for the Disney Magic On Parade will be 26, 27, 28, and 29 March. Starting 31st of March the Magic On Parade will be daily. So if you had a close eye the last chance to see Disney's Once Upon A Dream Parade will be the 30th March.

Disney's 20th Anniversary Celebration Train will get his soft-openings starting 26 March and probably will go on the whole 20th Anniversary.

Disney Dreams! won't have any public soft-openings and will begin preforming the 31 March. Staring the 1st of April Disney Dreams! will have two preformances. A huge rumour is that it would be that way for the whole 20th Anniversary.

Mickey Mouse , the most rumoured figure for the 20th Anniversary as his Fantasy Festival Stage indoor meet'n'greet location had some delay, rumours were unstopable. Will he be on the Celebration Train ? No. Will he stay with Duffy at the boardinghouse ? No. Will he get his own tent in Fantasyland ? No. He will tak his place in the former Woody's Roundup. Soft-openings for this temporary Meet Mickey will start the 28th of March.

 Thanks to : InsideDLParis (Twitter) , Steve Davison Fan Page (Facebook)


The last "Magical Moments" leave...

It is the 4th of March today and alot of Magical Moments are ending today. Today is the official ending day of the Magical Moments Festival. We are going to give a tribue to each of the Magical Moments wich ended , but some magical moments will stay during the 20th Anniversary (probabaly forever). Most of those are photolocations or statues. And this is the list of "Magical Moments" staying.
  • Alice In Wonderland Photolocation
  • Princesses Photoloaction
  • Say 'Cheese' with Remy & Emile
  • Share The Love with EVE and Wall-e Statue
  • Lightning McQueen part in Moteurs!...Action!...Stuntshow Spectacular
We will always remeber these most Magical Moments

Disney Dance Express

Mickey's Magical Celebration

Following The Leader With Peter Pan and His Friends

More videos on our Youtube Channel.


March 2012 Pin Releases

Finally , thanks to Disney Showcase Key the pin poster of March is here and you will love it. January , one pin . February , two pins. March 13 pins ! The 20th Anniversary pins are here , a nice starte kit with 6 pins , a lovely desing. But whith a less lovely price card. The 20th logo as a pin . And four pins with the 20th logo , the Castle and a Disney Character. The Sint-Patrick's Day pin with Tinkerbell and a new season collection with again the 20th Anniversary. The next Pin Trading Night will be on Friday March 30th at La Cantina at Santa Fé , starting at 6 pm.

You can click on the image to zoom it.

Thanks to : Disneyland Paris , Disney Showcase Key


Meet Mickey ! - 20th Anniversary

This 20th Anniversary meet'n'greet will be great but late. It won't be finished in time for the start of the 20th Anniversary and the current deadline is 17th of May but it's still unsure if they gonna make that deadline. Enough nagging let's see what DLP has in store for you !

Meet Mickey Mouse!

The old Fantasy Festival Theatre will transform into an indoor Meet'n'Greet. Mickey Mouse who has been meeting guests for 20 years outdoors , finally gets his own place in Fantasyland. You can now meet him 'backstage' in the Fantasyland Theatre. This attraction will be similar to the 'Meet Mickey at the Town Square Theatre' attraction at Walt Disney World.

Once you've entered the theatre there will be a turn to the right which will bring you to the lobby , in the lobby will be 2 waiting lines , one for the normal guests and one for people with an EAC. Waiting can sometimes be boring , so to help that there will be little videos projected onto the walls. Once you've reached the end of the line , you will be escorted to one of the three rehearsal rooms where you finally can meet Mickey Mouse !

When you've met Mickey you continue your way and on the walls near the exit will be little frames where you can view your picture with Mickey Mouse ! At the end of those frames that's where a little shop will be where you can buy your photo souvenir.

Now a very rumoured subject on alot of DLP forums is : where will Mickey be ? The attraction won't open until May so where will Mickey be ? Well there are *** options.

Option 1 : This option is spotted on alot of forums , Mickey Mouse will be in his 20th magician outfit on the 20th Anniversary Celebration Train with all of his friends. This seems like a good option due the official press release of the 20thACT doesn't include Mickey in his line-up of characters.

Option 2 : The old Tangled tent will be transformed into a tent for Mickey , which will be placed in front of the Fantasy Festival Theatre. This could be an option but it will be odd to meet Mickey in front of an unfinished attraction.

Option 3 : He won't go anywhere until May and stay with his teddybear Duffy at the Main Street Boardinghouse.

Duffy , The Disney Bear will stay at the boarding house even when Mickey is greeting guests in Fantasyland.

Thanks to : InsideDLParis (twitter) , Disney Central Plaza (Forum)


We've updated the "Disney Dreams" article with the new released pictures , you can see it Here!

A very big update (almost a whole new article) about the "Magic On Parade" the floats have got magical names and they've changed places , along with character updates in the parade it is really enjoyable to read , so you can read it here (Disney Magic On Parade)